Romeo and Juliet

This week we have started Romeo and Juliet. The children have been so enthusiastic about it which has been lovely to see. We started by looking closely at the prologue, thinking about the vocabulary used and acting it out. Have a look at the blog for some photos of our wonderful acting. We then moved on to looking at Act 1 Scene 1 for this we had to practise our best intimidating stare. On the streets of Verona the two families who had an ancient grudge weren’t meant to fight on the streets so they used body language and words to insult each other. We then improvised a fighting scene which was interrupted by a man called Prince Escalus. He was a very important man who had a lot of power, he threatened the families with death if they carried on. We then wrote letter to Prince Escalus about the violence on the streets. Here are a few examples –

Dear Prince Escalus,

I am sincerely writing to you about the horrible language that is being used.It is shocking that I have had to put ink on paper about these insults (coward) .Why will you not stop this feud?

I am sure the people of Verona do not want to hear this constant  dispute.Think about the little children: they don’t want to be hearing arguments. Have you heard the the words that are being used?

Three times! Three times you have given penalties,and still nothing has changed.I know I am not the only one who is apprehensive to leave their homes.Please take my thoughts into consideration and try to save us.

Your Sincerely 


Dear Prince Esculas

I am writing to inform you about the third dreadful fight between the Capulet and Montague families. Both are vile and rude. Before a fight happens again your highness, please could you do something about it? There is a family that I know and they are going to move out of verona because of the Capulets and Montagues

Also I was disgusted to hear the appaling language and unfortunately my children had to hear words like ratcatcher slave and fool. Only the other day one of my children asked me what ratcatcher meant.

Most of Verona’s people are terrified to step out of their houses,some of them are even going to move out of Verona. You don’t want all of the people to move out of your town do you? Sorry to be rude your highness but you are the ruler of Verona and the Capulets and Montagues are acting like they run the town.

Your sincerely


Dear Prince Escalus,

I am writing to you to say that these fights can no longer take place. I am ashamed and disgusted by the language and actions used in our streets. Too many times i have heard fowl words. When is enough, a enough?   

Your highness our once sweet town of Verona is has become vile and indecent, i plead that you make the penalty come soon. Thumbs have been bitten, guns fired and laws disobeyed. Sir, people are frightened and scared to leave their own homes, think of the young children.

Do you not think that the Montagues and the Capulets should try resolve this ancient grudge? You have the power and the right.

Yours sincerely,

Kaela Clark


Our week by Abi

This week everyone has been working incredibly hard with their SATs and every student has tried their best throughout. During the afternoons, we revised for the next day and it was a relief for everyone once they were finally over. On Thursday, after the last paper, everyone wrote some brilliant pieces of writing in any style about anything. These included: Stories,Non Chronological Reports, NewsPaper reports and more! In the afternoon, we enjoyed a good game of rounders while others produced some amazing pieces of artwork.

On Friday, as next week is National Walk to School week, we created Walk to School stickers, posters, raps and much more to show our support towards it. We also went litter picking to give our service to the local area. On Friday afternoon, everyone enjoyed a fun-filled PE lesson, playing ultimate frisbee and the class also wrote some impressive 100 word story challenge stories.

By Abi

value – service

Today we looked at the value of service and went and did a litter pick around the community.


What happened next?

We wrote sequels to the Alma film here are Allen’s, Hanna’s and Brikena’s –


By Allen

Finally, I could get it, it was in arm’s reach. When I touched it, I had some sort of horrible flashback, but when I was able to open my eyes I was no longer me, I was my doll counterpart… 7 months later I heard that horrible creaking sound of the cogs and another doll popping up. I looked at it in shock it was my cousin, Leanne! I tried to warn her but my lips wouldn’t open they were sealed shut. She looked around and noticed me, “Alma?” she said confused. The boy on the bike managed to escape and a blinding light shot out of him, I shut my eyes and when I opened them again he was back to normal, back to human.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps from outside. A man wearing a crimson waistcoat walked up to the blackboard and smirked, “Looks like another stupid victim of mine fell for my trap,” he giggled. This must be the man who trapped me here. The boy ran inside for cover, and so did Leanne. I managed to waddle across to the edge and took very deep breaths, I was building up the courage to fall hopefully my human spirit would be set free, but I was too late the shopkeeper got in before I could fall. The evil mastermind came up to me and stared. Leanne was terrified and she whimpered. He turned around and saw Leanne and the boy hiding, “I can see you,” he said coldly and in a sinister voice. They turned around and he grabbed Leanne by the neck and she started to choke.

He started walking towards her doll and was going to force her to become it. Just then, I jumped and fell slowly to the ground. CRACK! My doll split open and I was free! Not even a second passed when all the dolls fell behind be and their spirits were released. But the shopkeeper was not bothered. I jumped on the table and leapt on the shopkeeper, I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him down.

The other kids started beating him up. Then we were going to flee. All the others went, as I was about to leave I felt a cold hand snatch my ankle, “You’re not going anywhere my dear,” he laughed, and started to pull me towards him…

By Brikena

Morning, “yes!” I exclaimed. Now that was a creepy dream. Slowly, I opened my eyes suddenly realising this not a dream. “ahhhhhh,” I yelled. “shhhh,” whispered the doll next to me. Confused, worried and apprehensive ‘The boss’ came up to me. I was so nervous that I couldn’t even look at him. What’s happening?

I could only see a dark, long coat wrapped around his body. His head looking down at the wooden floor board. No doll spoke, no doll moved: we just heard the footsteps going down the stairs.

“Phew, I can breathe,” I said to myself. Being the new doll is uncomfortable. Every little [doll] eyes staring at you. The boy with bicycle glared at me. Then it hit me. The little boy was trying to escape…
Rapidly, I jumped off the dusty self. Unexpectedly, this loud noise came out of nowhere…I thought it was a one off, but it came closer and closer and closer…

By Hanna

I opened my eyes, I found myself in a high place almost like a shelf. Then I looked to my left, a scream escaped my mouth but oddly I heard nothing. Dolls were all around me. It was the same shop. The same room, but a different doll was standing on display.

Suddenly in the corner of my glass eye, I saw a girl skipping excitedly to the chalk on the ground outside. She wrote her name on the wall “Ellie.” Just then I heard the chalk drop. She spotted the doll. It looked just like her, with baby blue eyes, red hair, rosy cheeks and a red dress.

Ellie did the same as me when the door didn’t open, or when the doll kept moving. But the doll teleported right above me and when she tried to grab it…

CRASH! I fell to the ground and without realising it, I ran out the door as a human with Ellie following behind me.




Name: Victor Janssen

Reason: A prime suspect in a missing child’s case. He was in custody for two days until we released him on bail. He did a runner towards greater Manchester and hasn’t been seen since.

Description: Victor stands at 6’8; his height will be a key aspect to find him. He has a big, bright, red scar shaped like a lightning bolt. With 65 years of age, he has a wizened face. His scar was located on his left cheek. His charcoal-black hair covers most of his forehead as his hair is quite long. His eyes are emerald-green. He is commonly seen with his 1980’s brown, leather jacket and his black, top hat, He has a big monocle that covers his left eye.

Reward: £100

If seen please ring 637 4936 1948



In English we have been looking a very strange story called Alma. First I showed the class the start of the story, this is when the girl is walking down a snowy street, she then writes her name on a wall opposite a shop. Suddenly a doll which looks exactly like her appears in the window so she tries to enter the shop but it is locked. She becomes angry and starts to walk away, the door then opens by itself! I stopped it at this point and the children had to predict what happens next. Here is an example of what was written.

Rahiem’s Prediction

Suddenly the door creaked open without anyone there, I stepped in with my heart in my mouth, will I die? I asked myself in my head. As I turned around I saw the spine-chilling twin doll sitting at the front of the door, my heart was beating as fast as a Ferrari Enzo. I hid behind the ancient, old and dusty counter, hoping I was not detected by the sinister looking doll.

The doll jumped on the counter with a red button pressed it and I fell into the basement. On the wall it said get ready to be a doll covered in blood. Will I turn into a doll or will I survive?

The next day we watched the whole story. The children then became detectives and wrote police reports about the missing child.

Case Number: MC-104817-19/12/02

Reporting officer: P.C Abigail Stokes

At 1430 hours on 19th December 2002, Emergency services received a call from Mrs J. Cooper, a worried mother calling to report her 10 year old daughter, Alma Mae Cooper, missing. Mrs Cooper explained that Alma had left the Cooper household at 1000 hours and was due to return home at 1200 hours for her lunch however two and half hours after Alma was supposed to return her mother grew extremely worried and decided to ring the police.

Alma is ten years old and has short, shaggy, blonde hair, green eyes, is average weight and is about four foot six. She was last seen wearing a pink, zip-up body warmer and scarf, khaki trekking trousers, brown hiking boots and an indigo blue pom-pom hat.

I conducted a survey of the crime scene that revealed foot-prints that matched Alma’s shoe size Recete Street, CCTV footage proves these in fact were Alma’s foot-prints, although there is no evidence to support the fact Alma entered the doll shop.


Case number: MC-7392357

Incident: Missing child

Reporting officer: Ayesh Mohsin

At about 05:36 on 25th December 1985,I queried Mrs Jones (Almas mum) regarding her missing daughter. She said “I was washing up the dishes, when Alma told me she was going to play, before I could ask her where, she left. I looked outside and she was gone.” I also asked Mrs Jones if she knew where she might have gone and unfortunately she had no clue.

Alma was a 10 year old girl who had short, golden blonde hair and goes to the school Allerton primary. At the time of the crime her mum had told me she was wearing an indigo blue hat, a dark pink scarf, beige mitten, a bright pink body-warmer and baggy trousers. Also she had green eyes and has size 4 feet.

I conducted a survey of the crime scene and found quite a lot of evidence. I spotted a missing beige glove, chalk on the floor and footprints (size 4) all these things were exactly what Mrs Jones had informed us about. When we entered the shop (a doll shop) we saw a toy moving we suspected it was Alma who had left it behind.

I obtained as much information from people who knew the missing child (Alma). Mr Croner (her neighbour) said, “I saw Alma gazing at a window shop, whilst I was shopping for dinner.” We got information from her school who said that they did not see Alma over the Christmas holidays. Mrs Luly-the shop owner-said, “I was not involved I had no idea about this.” We still however have our suspicions and we are going to conduct further investigations and will obtain as much more information from Mrs Luly and I feel like Mrs Luly will become crime suspect. Others said they saw her turn right on Regent Street. The case is still open, we are hoping to find Alma, with clue we have been given. If you know anything about the crime please inform me or any member of staff.

Silk Screens

This week we have been learning how to silk screen! Here are a set of instructions written by Allen on how to complete a silk screen.

Silk Screening

Here is a list of instructions which will help you silk screen a picture based on the Arctic and the Antarctic.


  • A3 paper
  • A pencil
  • Colouring pencils
  • Silk
  • Silk outliner
  • Wooden frame
  • Black marker
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint pallets
  • A water pot
  • Pins x12 or more


Step 1)

First find a piece of A3 paper which is suitable for drawing.

Step 2)

Make a square wooden frame and outline the borders of the picture, make sure it is straight.

Step 3)

Once you have finished your drawing of the North or South Pole, colour everything in.

Step 4)

Outline the drawing with a black marker.

Step 5)

Place your frame on top of your drawing/border.

Step 6)

Pin a silk sheet to your frame and make sure it is tight, the pins must be facing each other.

Step 7)

Next, use your silk outliner to gutter the silk, this is to make sure that the paint does not spill out.

Step 8)

Wait 24 hours for it to dry.

Step 9)

If the silk outline has dried, you can start painting your picture.

Step 10)

Make sure you don’t add too much paint as the silk will get wet and the colour will get very dark.

Step 11)

Finally, once you have finished, wait for it to dry and then you can see the final result.

Warnings and Tips!

Make sure the silk outline is not flat since the paint will spill out. Once the paint is on the silk it won’t come off.

By Allen

Here are some pictures of us making our own.



The Lone robot

The lone robot

As the rusty robot hovered through the woods, the golden sun shone in the aqua sky. The trees created magnificent shadows. Crimson leaves danced around the trees and fell onto the evergreen grass. In the distance, he could see flashing lights coming from a large object. What could it be? As he breathed, the air was full of the fresh scent of lavender, but then was covered by the smell of gas. The large object appeared to be a flying car.

He was very intrigued by this mysterious object, suddenly an odd looking figure came out of the car (a human) and politely asked the robot, “Do you want to come to my house?” The robot hadn’t any idea but nodded. As he entered the flying car he watched the sunset vibrantly shine; it faded leaving a bright trail of clouds.

The car was full of different sized and different coloured buttons, it was awe-inspiring, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Finally, the engineer had arrived at his house, the robot cautiously walked into his garden looking out for any danger.

A day had passed, the kind engineer had made a little bed for the robot to sleep in, and it appeared to be very comfortable because he was fast asleep. Rob-the engineer-went to work, the suddenly thought of an amazing idea. He felt sorry for the robot because he was lonely and had no friends and family. It was now 3:42 pm in the afternoon, Rob had decided to invent a girl robot, so he started to examine the key parts of the little figure whilst he was sleeping. After a long re-energising nap, Robbie the robot had woken up in Rob’s attic-where he was experimenting.

After a week of planning, the only thing Rob had to do was use his automatic x-ray machine to see what was inside the robot. “Robbie!” Rob yelled, he waited for him to climb the ladder, it took him a few minutes. Eventually, the robot had sat down, but then saw the machine and felt frightened. For a split second, Rob looked at the chair to see if Robbie was there, but he had disappeared.

The robot had returned back to the woods, he had missed; the colours; the birds singing gracefully; the emerald grass and the shining sun. Luckily, Rob’s estimate was right and he had also gone to the woods to find Robbie. After a long conversation, Robbie was finally ready, Rob had told him it will only take a few minutes, so after some persuading and thinking, he had faced his fear and lived happily with a girl robot named Tia. Rob had also figured out how to make a dog robot, because of this, he invented on and gave it to Robbie and Tia to be a part of their family.

Robbie and Tia had decided that they wanted to go to another planet, so Rob made them some mini space suits and a rocket. After they had packed everything that they needed, Robbie Tia and their dog blasted off and had landed on a peculiar planet named Zong. Amazingly, they had met similar robots like them. Robbie now knew he was not the only one.

By Sairah



As the rusty robot was slowly ambling through the bright, colourful woods, the golden glistening sun was happily smiling at him. He gazed at the crimson red flowers bloom: he saw the leaves dancing passed him. Safe and sound, the robot heard the voice of joyful birds singing their songs. The leaves were crunching beneath his tiny feet; the sound was comforting. In the distance (passed the towering trees) he saw a strange, dull, grey plumes of smoke, something didn’t feel right. He couldn’t go, he wouldn’t go, but he should. Shouldn’t he?

Different thoughts circled round his robot brain, he just didn’t have the guts to go. The light breeze was making the trees sway, whilst the bright orange leaves were making their way down. He didn’t know if he belonged here, or if he was meant to be somewhere else, but he did know something. Something didn’t feel right.

He started wandering through: jade green trees; the pink peony flowers; and the soft green grass. Who knows where he would end up? Finally he had arrived, the loud noises made him put his tiny hands over his ears. Leaping with great fear, he jumped on the train and huddled in the corner, and slowly shut his eyes.

As time went, the rusty robot-who had now woken up-looked around. Bang, went the train, he had arrived to a place, he thought he belonged to. Cars and vehicles came past, when suddenly the large train, which had his symbol on left a trail of smoke behind. His heart sank. This wasn’t the place of happiness, he ripped the symbol off, which was on him, and threw it to the ground.

Looking through a scattered world map he found something, he saw a place called Italy, this place was meant to make him happy. Before going to Italy he saw a dock near the factory and he quickly jumped onto the ferry to go to Italy. He had finally arrived, it was beautiful. Although he ate; pleasing pizza, brilliant baguettes, al dente pasta, and mouth-watering lasagne, he didn’t feel happiness or joy. There were lovely places to visit, such as the Colosseum, but he just didn’t feel right.

Next stop was Paris, Paris was awe-inspiring, the robot saw the most amazing thing ever, it was the Eiffel Tower, which was waiting to be explored. Amazingly, he got to see the top of it, eat delicious foods, explore and discover everything. But again happiness wasn’t felt by the robot.

After these three trips the robot had given up, it was useless! Until he remembered he saw a picture of space, the rusty robot had no idea what this strange place was, but he knew he had to get there. Determined and restless, he used his imagination to invent a cool rocket (he called it the aero-rocket).Amazingly, the rocket was run on glitter. 5, 4,3,2,1 take off! The most creative rocket was now going up and up, and he felt the joy coming, he knew it.

As he slowly exited the aero-rocket, he mumbled “Hello anybody here.” Out of nowhere he heard a crowd of robots partying and re-energizing to dance again. ”Hi my name is Bongy and this is Bongo,Bongi,Bingy anyway there are lots of us here and we love to make new friends, so I can’t tell you anyone else otherwise we will be here forever. So this is RObot Town. What are you doing and are you new?”

“Me I’m just trying to find happiness and I am alone,” answered the robot. There was a long silence and they ran away bringing cake, streamers, presents and more cake. “Let’s have a party!” screeched one of them.

The rusty robot found happiness, and he never wanted to leave again. This was the place, he gave them all a hug (which took 3 hours because there were a ton of them) and smiled.

By Ayesh

Science week

This week has been science week. We started the week with a big science quiz in the hall which was a really good. On Tuesday we looked at the size and scale of the planets in our solar system, we then made papier mache planets. We used balloons and made sure we blew them up to the correct size to represent the size of the planets. We are then going to paint them to look like the planets.

On Wednesday afternoon we had science carousel in houses. In my activity we thought about the colours of nature. We went outside and picked the colours of nature. Miss Judge discovered the direction of the wind using bubbles, Miss Murphey looked at how sound travels and made some chicken cups! Mr Kay looked at air resistance using balloons and parachutes! It was such a lovely afternoon and the children learnt lots.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Kelly 🙂

Particle Zoo

On Wednesday afternoon we had visitors from Leeds University. They came and did the workshop Particle Zoo with us. They started by talking about the qualities needed to be a physicist. We need to be creative, inquisitive and hungry to learn new things. We talked about galaxies and the Big Bang and what happened over time after the Big Bang to create our galaxy. It took 14 billion years!

We then moved onto talking about atoms. We imagined the nucleus was the size of a marble we then found out the atom would be the size of Elland road! The size of an atom is actually 100 times smaller than a piece of hair. We then moved onto talking about protons and neutrons. In Switzerland there is a big underground tunnel, which is a research station, called the Large Hadron Collider. The Atlas machine is part of the Large Hadron Collider and is the size of – 7 buses long and 3 giraffes tall and weighs as much as the Eiffel tower. It takes photos of 2 protons smashing together and takes 100 000 photos in the time it takes us to blink once. There are 3 families of particles Quarks, Leptons and Bosons. Quarks and Leptons are matter so you can touch them. Bosons are forces so you can feel them but can’t see them.

We then went on to design our own Quark or Lepton and imagined how we would have discovered them. The children came up with some great ideas. She finished by saying  what we know about our world is the size of our thumb, what we know we don’t know is the size of our hands, what we know we have no idea about yet is the size of the school! So we still have some much to discover.

Miss Kelly 🙂