Snowflake Biscuits.

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The final batch of snowflake biscuits for 6RK’s celebration of their work on the Arctic and Antarctic. The biscuits were expertly embellished with white icing and enjoyed by the parents who came to share the learning. Were you lucky enough to buy some on the playground afterwards?

Icarus with year 6.

Year 6 baked shortbread angels wings, to serve to parents visiting school to see their work with Mrs Johnston. They have been studying the Greek myth about Icarus. Were you lucky enough to buy some of their spare biscuits on the playground, at the end of the day? If so, did you enjoy them?

Pandora’s Box.

Year 6 have been studying the Ancient Greek myth of Pandora.

It took a lot of perseverance and determination to complete these gingerbread boxes, but we did it, with varying degrees of success! What would you have done differently?


Pay As You Feel Cafe.

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Our 2nd ‘pay as you feel’ cafe was to raise money for Children in Need. We served pasta and mini pizzas, to a diverse and hungry clientele, followed by Sham’s Tiger cake and biscuits. It was a little chaotic but thanks go to everyone who stepped in to help out!

We raised £41.95 for Children in Need!!!