Forbidden corner!

Forbidden Corner

Forbidden corner is a really good trip because you basically go wherever you want to, but you have to stick with your group.We had a challenge to find all the gold coins hidden on the wall, when we found one we found the letter on the piece of paper laid it on the coin scratched it and a code came out.

Finally, we got through the entrance, as soon as we walked through I heard some weird noises it turned out that there were people punching a dinosaurs throat.

I walked through the dinos stomach and unbelievably came out the butt, there were many different pathways that you could walk through but only one of the paths were right and all the rest could lead to a dead end.

The only trouble was most of the pathways  lead straight back to the start which was really annoying for me. Whilst we were walking on the path I saw a water trap, whenever you walked past it it would shoot water at you. Suddenly I saw a sign that said, “ENTER IF YOU DARE!” I suspected it was a haunted house as soon as I walked in – BANG BANG BANG! From one of the cages and I slowly walked through the hallway and saw a mirror with Blood Mary inside of it most people in our group got scared and ran the speed of the light. Some random people were scaring others as they entered the horrifying haunted house.          

When we got out of the house it was a sigh of relief to be honest I thought I was going to die.

After, the haunted house experience we went to go explore the castle me and kelvin ran straight forward and couldn’t find the group but Miss Kelly shouted, “We’re up here!” we ran up the spiraling stairs up to the top of the castle and had a nice sit down relax time.

Next we galloped down more spiraling stairs until we reached a mouse’s bar there little cages with mini and big robotic rats,everyone was so scared because it looked realistic the way that they made it.

I opened the door believe it or not I opened the door to stepping stones which looked very slippery and we also realized the 3rd stone will send up a fountain of water onto the person. That’s when we saw another door and struggled to open it but finally managed to. Suddenly we were surrounded by doors in a small tiny place we had to do hip,dip doodle to decide which door is right and which door is wrong.

Bam! “YESSS!” everyone screamed because it was the right door, I was wondering why are there astronauts, cavemen, army people and animal suits plotted in the room I thought that was extremely random.

After all that I was exhausted luckily we were going  back to school I had such an amazing and fun time

From Rahiem Y6


Eccup walk

Today we took on a massive challenge and walked 7 miles round Eccup reservoir! It was such a lovely day and the children we really well behaved. Here are some pictures of our day.

The Flying house

Dear Diary

Living in this sky house is amazing!On the outside,you may think it is just a dump,however that isn’t the case.On,the inside,every piece of furniture is beautiful and modern,whilst the rest is all floating! Because of the fact that I live in the air,there is no gravity.To make sure i do not float away,the house owner gave me special boots,which are so heavy your feet can not go off the floor!

Although living in the air is spectacular,there are some difficulties too.As you know,nobody else lives in the air it is just me,so every so often it is crucial i remember to ring family on the floor to give me food,or else I will starve to death! You may be wondering,how do you get from the air to the ground? Well,the best inventor in the world(not the best but oh well)created a zip wire to get down and a cable car to get back up

Altogether,living in the air is astonishing.Astonishing because I can do practically anything I want to do!Along with that,the feeling of being free,relaxing and not forgetting floating makes the house a thousand times better.If you ever come across a house like this,you should most definitely buy it.

I must go now,I need to get some food! Hope to write to you again soon.

From Seb

Dear diary,

It was earlier this morning I found my new friend and house in the air of New York City.

I woke up with a big yawn to the New York City sun blazing through my mismatched window.

Rubbing my eyes, I watched the exhausting, early morning traffic rush by. Horns beeped. Sirens wailed. And schools bells rang.

I was walking on the beach shore listening to the sand crunch underfoot, while the sea slowly washed up on the sand and brushed gently back in.

Living up in a flying house is phenomenal, however very difficult. Amazingly, some ordinary people can’t see my house; but some can. They are called ‘ Pink Soda Girls.’ Unfortunately, they are only around twenty-three left.

It was on my way back to my apartment when I noticed something very peculiar…

A large shadow loomed over me. What was it? Scared I looked up.It was a floating house!

Was i really seeing this?

Confused, I tapped people on the shoulder asking them if they could see it but they looked at me as if i was stupid and carried on walking.

Who is that? There was a peculiar girl below my house. Is she a Pink Soda Girl?

She was now climbing the rope. “OUCH!” she yelled. What if she breaks it?

“OUCH, UMF!” I was now pulling myself up the rope dangling from the house hoping no one heard or saw me.

The house shook as i stepped on to the porch. Nervous, I grabbed on to the door and wandered inside.

I heard the door open and slam shut but i daren’t move. I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs was this girl nice or horrible?  

The house was large, old and rusty but it would be a brilliant house to live in. I yelled “hello”

Scared, i walked down the stairs and greeted her. I explained how fun it was and had talks about living together. We agreed and lived together forever.

By Bobbie and priyas joined. Typed by Bobbie.    

Our favourite writes from this week!

Tuesday 13th June, 2017

Lo:To write our own dreams using an object for inspiration

It was midnight and I was lost in an enormous mansion in the middle of nowhere. I was stuck with a knight statue, it was hopeless,what would I do?

Suddenly, someone banged onto the floor.

“Who’s there? Who are you?” I said, my voice echoed. I felt a spine-chill come down my back, what would I do?

Slowly, I crept to the bang. When I arrived it was nothing,just a jet black cat. As I came back to my original place, I realized something was different. A helmet was on the ground which had not been there before, I wondered if that caused the bang?

Then a letter appeared behind me. I cautiously picked it up and it said,

“Dear sir,

I am writing to warn you about a hideous ghost. For safety: up the two rooms;turn left;then right. 

Yours faithfully


I followed the orders and when I made it there all the doors we’re locked.

“Welcome, I see you have fallen for my trap,” said the mysterious voice sinisterly.

“Who are you? Where are you?” I said worriedly.

Suddenly, without a word it left. I managed to barge open the door.But, something appeared, a ghost! It looked like a flying bluish marshmallow but, it suddenly disappeared, was this a friend or foe…?


Thursday 15th June,2017

The journey of a river

A river starts in high areas,(which is called the source) When it rains,the water falls on the ground,which makes the source of rivers.This is known as precipitation.Eventually,the water slows down because of the fact the ground becomes flatter.Once the water is on the ground,tributaries join rivers to make them bigger.Then,it starts to meander,this means the rivers start to bend and turn

River can also transport things such as rock and sand,Usually,the edges of the river is the fastest,so this results in it picking up tiny pieces of rock on land.This is called erosion.Those pieces of rock and mud are then transported to the ocean,and then are deposited to eventually create islands from scratch.Deposits are sometimes known as deltas or estuaries.Deltas are sometimes formed,when 2 rivers/streams meet but one cant transport the other stream/river can.You would be amazed at how strong and powerful rivers really are.They can destroy huge boulders with ease,and over time,make things as big as the grand canyon.


The Journey of a River

The river starts in a high area when precipitation gathers.It gathers when rain or snow starts running down a hill.

As the land flattens,the river slows down. Also the water that’s in the river slows down. Erosion is where it wears the bank down.

Then deposition comes.Deposition is where it drops the mud and sand, it slows right down and drops as it can’t hold it any more.Then they collect at the mouth to form deposits they are known as deltas.When the river arrives to the ocean it is called the mouth.


General Election

On Wednesday we learnt all about the General Election. We read all the different parties manifestos and talked about what they meant. After that we created our own parties and wrote our own manifestos. We ended up with 6 party leaders. The parties were – Your Belief in Parliament Party, Schnappy Party, UKEHP (United Kingdom Environmental Helping Party), Leeds United Party, Blue Party and the Jeremy May Party.

Each of these parties then presented their manifestos and took questions about them from the audience. We then all cast our votes. After counting carefully the returning officer announced –

3rd place – Your Belief in Parliament Party – 5 Votes (Green rosette)

2nd place – Blue Party – 10 Votes (Yellow rosette)

1st Place – Schnappy Party – 18 Votes (Green and Yellow Rosette)

Abdul the party leader of the Schnappy party was extremely passionate about his promises and even campaigned on the playground. Well done Abdul!

Here are some pictures of our General Election –



The Deep

On Wednesday we had a fantastic day out to The Deep. After we wrote all about it. Here are some extracts of our writing.

The Deep

Some people find the oceans fascinating, others don’t. However The Deep was a memorable trip that we sure won’t forget. If you love the ocean,if you like to study marine animals,if you love to keep exploring,then The Deep is definitely for you!

When we arrived from our one and a half hour journey all I wanted to do was go inside. Luckily,we were whisked to the entrance. Glancing at the entrance I was stunned already. Led by Rachel,she took us to a wonderful workshop and she provided us with, fantastic facts(I has no idea were true),pictures of rivers,and a story of the tale of two rivers.Hull and Humber were the names of the two rivers, also we went outside to see these amazing rivers,learnt about how to protect Hull from a flood.

Excited,delighted and mesmorised were the emotions I was feeling because our next stop was Lagoon of Light,Lagoon of Light was where we got to see the beautiful fish. The fish were stunning, stunning because of the intricacy and beauty was awe-inspiring. Ripples were forming in the water and the fish were gliding on.It was a tranquil sight.Majestic fish swam in the water, some with crimson red fins others with royal blue. We did not want to leave this super sight.          


The Ichthyosaurus was one of the fascinating creature we had discovered,it didn’t seem that familiar to us because it was extinct and lived 240 million years ago.Ayesh a year 6 pupil said,”I can’t believe that these amazing sea creatures existed and I never knew!”After visiting half of the exhibitions,we were called by The Deep staff and told that it was time for our lunch.

During our visit to The Deep,I learned some shocking facts for example:a Siphonophore(a type of jellyfish) can grow bigger than a blue whale;clownfish start life as a male but some sooner turn into females,and the first fish had no jaws,so could only suck and swallow.


Some people were keen on going to The Deep; others weren’t.We were in a learning room led by Rachel.We also explored awe-inspiring things!

When we were in the learning room we were learning about rivers, so there was two rivers on the board.The rivers were called the Humber river and the Hull river.The Hull river was a small stream with clean water,the water was taking over the land so it grew larger, but as it grew larger the dirtier it got.The Humber river looks dirty, but it is actually extremely clean.

We went to the Vision Of Seas quickly, quickly because we were excited to see other things.We saw the Megalodon (which is 20m long) and we compared it to the Great white shark, which is 4.5m long.When I  saw the Dunkleosteus it was 7m lengthy and they eat there own kind-no wonder they are extinct!

Anxiously, I went inside the Kingdom of Ice it was amazing, because there was a wall of ice which was freezing cold.When I placed my hand on the wall my hand was frozen I couldn’t feel my hand any more.It was an amazing experience, because I have never felt ice before.

After a strenuous and tiring day around The Deep, we arrived back at school and we proved people wrong about the trip being boring.The trip was amazing, because of the facts we found and the views of the sea.I hope I can go there again to find more facts about fish.


Romeo and Juliet

This week we have started Romeo and Juliet. The children have been so enthusiastic about it which has been lovely to see. We started by looking closely at the prologue, thinking about the vocabulary used and acting it out. Have a look at the blog for some photos of our wonderful acting. We then moved on to looking at Act 1 Scene 1 for this we had to practise our best intimidating stare. On the streets of Verona the two families who had an ancient grudge weren’t meant to fight on the streets so they used body language and words to insult each other. We then improvised a fighting scene which was interrupted by a man called Prince Escalus. He was a very important man who had a lot of power, he threatened the families with death if they carried on. We then wrote letter to Prince Escalus about the violence on the streets. Here are a few examples –

Dear Prince Escalus,

I am sincerely writing to you about the horrible language that is being used.It is shocking that I have had to put ink on paper about these insults (coward) .Why will you not stop this feud?

I am sure the people of Verona do not want to hear this constant  dispute.Think about the little children: they don’t want to be hearing arguments. Have you heard the the words that are being used?

Three times! Three times you have given penalties,and still nothing has changed.I know I am not the only one who is apprehensive to leave their homes.Please take my thoughts into consideration and try to save us.

Your Sincerely 


Dear Prince Esculas

I am writing to inform you about the third dreadful fight between the Capulet and Montague families. Both are vile and rude. Before a fight happens again your highness, please could you do something about it? There is a family that I know and they are going to move out of verona because of the Capulets and Montagues

Also I was disgusted to hear the appaling language and unfortunately my children had to hear words like ratcatcher slave and fool. Only the other day one of my children asked me what ratcatcher meant.

Most of Verona’s people are terrified to step out of their houses,some of them are even going to move out of Verona. You don’t want all of the people to move out of your town do you? Sorry to be rude your highness but you are the ruler of Verona and the Capulets and Montagues are acting like they run the town.

Your sincerely


Dear Prince Escalus,

I am writing to you to say that these fights can no longer take place. I am ashamed and disgusted by the language and actions used in our streets. Too many times i have heard fowl words. When is enough, a enough?   

Your highness our once sweet town of Verona is has become vile and indecent, i plead that you make the penalty come soon. Thumbs have been bitten, guns fired and laws disobeyed. Sir, people are frightened and scared to leave their own homes, think of the young children.

Do you not think that the Montagues and the Capulets should try resolve this ancient grudge? You have the power and the right.

Yours sincerely,

Kaela Clark


Our week by Abi

This week everyone has been working incredibly hard with their SATs and every student has tried their best throughout. During the afternoons, we revised for the next day and it was a relief for everyone once they were finally over. On Thursday, after the last paper, everyone wrote some brilliant pieces of writing in any style about anything. These included: Stories,Non Chronological Reports, NewsPaper reports and more! In the afternoon, we enjoyed a good game of rounders while others produced some amazing pieces of artwork.

On Friday, as next week is National Walk to School week, we created Walk to School stickers, posters, raps and much more to show our support towards it. We also went litter picking to give our service to the local area. On Friday afternoon, everyone enjoyed a fun-filled PE lesson, playing ultimate frisbee and the class also wrote some impressive 100 word story challenge stories.

By Abi

value – service

Today we looked at the value of service and went and did a litter pick around the community.