Forbidden corner!

Forbidden Corner

Forbidden corner is a really good trip because you basically go wherever you want to, but you have to stick with your group.We had a challenge to find all the gold coins hidden on the wall, when we found one we found the letter on the piece of paper laid it on the coin scratched it and a code came out.

Finally, we got through the entrance, as soon as we walked through I heard some weird noises it turned out that there were people punching a dinosaurs throat.

I walked through the dinos stomach and unbelievably came out the butt, there were many different pathways that you could walk through but only one of the paths were right and all the rest could lead to a dead end.

The only trouble was most of the pathways  lead straight back to the start which was really annoying for me. Whilst we were walking on the path I saw a water trap, whenever you walked past it it would shoot water at you. Suddenly I saw a sign that said, “ENTER IF YOU DARE!” I suspected it was a haunted house as soon as I walked in – BANG BANG BANG! From one of the cages and I slowly walked through the hallway and saw a mirror with Blood Mary inside of it most people in our group got scared and ran the speed of the light. Some random people were scaring others as they entered the horrifying haunted house.          

When we got out of the house it was a sigh of relief to be honest I thought I was going to die.

After, the haunted house experience we went to go explore the castle me and kelvin ran straight forward and couldn’t find the group but Miss Kelly shouted, “We’re up here!” we ran up the spiraling stairs up to the top of the castle and had a nice sit down relax time.

Next we galloped down more spiraling stairs until we reached a mouse’s bar there little cages with mini and big robotic rats,everyone was so scared because it looked realistic the way that they made it.

I opened the door believe it or not I opened the door to stepping stones which looked very slippery and we also realized the 3rd stone will send up a fountain of water onto the person. That’s when we saw another door and struggled to open it but finally managed to. Suddenly we were surrounded by doors in a small tiny place we had to do hip,dip doodle to decide which door is right and which door is wrong.

Bam! “YESSS!” everyone screamed because it was the right door, I was wondering why are there astronauts, cavemen, army people and animal suits plotted in the room I thought that was extremely random.

After all that I was exhausted luckily we were going  back to school I had such an amazing and fun time

From Rahiem Y6


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