The Flying house

Dear Diary

Living in this sky house is amazing!On the outside,you may think it is just a dump,however that isn’t the case.On,the inside,every piece of furniture is beautiful and modern,whilst the rest is all floating! Because of the fact that I live in the air,there is no gravity.To make sure i do not float away,the house owner gave me special boots,which are so heavy your feet can not go off the floor!

Although living in the air is spectacular,there are some difficulties too.As you know,nobody else lives in the air it is just me,so every so often it is crucial i remember to ring family on the floor to give me food,or else I will starve to death! You may be wondering,how do you get from the air to the ground? Well,the best inventor in the world(not the best but oh well)created a zip wire to get down and a cable car to get back up

Altogether,living in the air is astonishing.Astonishing because I can do practically anything I want to do!Along with that,the feeling of being free,relaxing and not forgetting floating makes the house a thousand times better.If you ever come across a house like this,you should most definitely buy it.

I must go now,I need to get some food! Hope to write to you again soon.

From Seb

Dear diary,

It was earlier this morning I found my new friend and house in the air of New York City.

I woke up with a big yawn to the New York City sun blazing through my mismatched window.

Rubbing my eyes, I watched the exhausting, early morning traffic rush by. Horns beeped. Sirens wailed. And schools bells rang.

I was walking on the beach shore listening to the sand crunch underfoot, while the sea slowly washed up on the sand and brushed gently back in.

Living up in a flying house is phenomenal, however very difficult. Amazingly, some ordinary people can’t see my house; but some can. They are called ‘ Pink Soda Girls.’ Unfortunately, they are only around twenty-three left.

It was on my way back to my apartment when I noticed something very peculiar…

A large shadow loomed over me. What was it? Scared I looked up.It was a floating house!

Was i really seeing this?

Confused, I tapped people on the shoulder asking them if they could see it but they looked at me as if i was stupid and carried on walking.

Who is that? There was a peculiar girl below my house. Is she a Pink Soda Girl?

She was now climbing the rope. “OUCH!” she yelled. What if she breaks it?

“OUCH, UMF!” I was now pulling myself up the rope dangling from the house hoping no one heard or saw me.

The house shook as i stepped on to the porch. Nervous, I grabbed on to the door and wandered inside.

I heard the door open and slam shut but i daren’t move. I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs was this girl nice or horrible?  

The house was large, old and rusty but it would be a brilliant house to live in. I yelled “hello”

Scared, i walked down the stairs and greeted her. I explained how fun it was and had talks about living together. We agreed and lived together forever.

By Bobbie and priyas joined. Typed by Bobbie.    

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