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Tuesday 13th June, 2017

Lo:To write our own dreams using an object for inspiration

It was midnight and I was lost in an enormous mansion in the middle of nowhere. I was stuck with a knight statue, it was hopeless,what would I do?

Suddenly, someone banged onto the floor.

“Who’s there? Who are you?” I said, my voice echoed. I felt a spine-chill come down my back, what would I do?

Slowly, I crept to the bang. When I arrived it was nothing,just a jet black cat. As I came back to my original place, I realized something was different. A helmet was on the ground which had not been there before, I wondered if that caused the bang?

Then a letter appeared behind me. I cautiously picked it up and it said,

“Dear sir,

I am writing to warn you about a hideous ghost. For safety: up the two rooms;turn left;then right. 

Yours faithfully


I followed the orders and when I made it there all the doors we’re locked.

“Welcome, I see you have fallen for my trap,” said the mysterious voice sinisterly.

“Who are you? Where are you?” I said worriedly.

Suddenly, without a word it left. I managed to barge open the door.But, something appeared, a ghost! It looked like a flying bluish marshmallow but, it suddenly disappeared, was this a friend or foe…?


Thursday 15th June,2017

The journey of a river

A river starts in high areas,(which is called the source) When it rains,the water falls on the ground,which makes the source of rivers.This is known as precipitation.Eventually,the water slows down because of the fact the ground becomes flatter.Once the water is on the ground,tributaries join rivers to make them bigger.Then,it starts to meander,this means the rivers start to bend and turn

River can also transport things such as rock and sand,Usually,the edges of the river is the fastest,so this results in it picking up tiny pieces of rock on land.This is called erosion.Those pieces of rock and mud are then transported to the ocean,and then are deposited to eventually create islands from scratch.Deposits are sometimes known as deltas or estuaries.Deltas are sometimes formed,when 2 rivers/streams meet but one cant transport the other stream/river can.You would be amazed at how strong and powerful rivers really are.They can destroy huge boulders with ease,and over time,make things as big as the grand canyon.


The Journey of a River

The river starts in a high area when precipitation gathers.It gathers when rain or snow starts running down a hill.

As the land flattens,the river slows down. Also the water that’s in the river slows down. Erosion is where it wears the bank down.

Then deposition comes.Deposition is where it drops the mud and sand, it slows right down and drops as it can’t hold it any more.Then they collect at the mouth to form deposits they are known as deltas.When the river arrives to the ocean it is called the mouth.


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