The Deep

On Wednesday we had a fantastic day out to The Deep. After we wrote all about it. Here are some extracts of our writing.

The Deep

Some people find the oceans fascinating, others don’t. However The Deep was a memorable trip that we sure won’t forget. If you love the ocean,if you like to study marine animals,if you love to keep exploring,then The Deep is definitely for you!

When we arrived from our one and a half hour journey all I wanted to do was go inside. Luckily,we were whisked to the entrance. Glancing at the entrance I was stunned already. Led by Rachel,she took us to a wonderful workshop and she provided us with, fantastic facts(I has no idea were true),pictures of rivers,and a story of the tale of two rivers.Hull and Humber were the names of the two rivers, also we went outside to see these amazing rivers,learnt about how to protect Hull from a flood.

Excited,delighted and mesmorised were the emotions I was feeling because our next stop was Lagoon of Light,Lagoon of Light was where we got to see the beautiful fish. The fish were stunning, stunning because of the intricacy and beauty was awe-inspiring. Ripples were forming in the water and the fish were gliding on.It was a tranquil sight.Majestic fish swam in the water, some with crimson red fins others with royal blue. We did not want to leave this super sight.          


The Ichthyosaurus was one of the fascinating creature we had discovered,it didn’t seem that familiar to us because it was extinct and lived 240 million years ago.Ayesh a year 6 pupil said,”I can’t believe that these amazing sea creatures existed and I never knew!”After visiting half of the exhibitions,we were called by The Deep staff and told that it was time for our lunch.

During our visit to The Deep,I learned some shocking facts for example:a Siphonophore(a type of jellyfish) can grow bigger than a blue whale;clownfish start life as a male but some sooner turn into females,and the first fish had no jaws,so could only suck and swallow.


Some people were keen on going to The Deep; others weren’t.We were in a learning room led by Rachel.We also explored awe-inspiring things!

When we were in the learning room we were learning about rivers, so there was two rivers on the board.The rivers were called the Humber river and the Hull river.The Hull river was a small stream with clean water,the water was taking over the land so it grew larger, but as it grew larger the dirtier it got.The Humber river looks dirty, but it is actually extremely clean.

We went to the Vision Of Seas quickly, quickly because we were excited to see other things.We saw the Megalodon (which is 20m long) and we compared it to the Great white shark, which is 4.5m long.When I  saw the Dunkleosteus it was 7m lengthy and they eat there own kind-no wonder they are extinct!

Anxiously, I went inside the Kingdom of Ice it was amazing, because there was a wall of ice which was freezing cold.When I placed my hand on the wall my hand was frozen I couldn’t feel my hand any more.It was an amazing experience, because I have never felt ice before.

After a strenuous and tiring day around The Deep, we arrived back at school and we proved people wrong about the trip being boring.The trip was amazing, because of the facts we found and the views of the sea.I hope I can go there again to find more facts about fish.


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